You, my good man, have happened upon a lapdancing club quite unlike any you've been to before.

An old Victorian townhouse tucked away on one of the City of London's winding, once cobbled streets. An endless staircase takes you from one room to another, each more intriguing than the last.

You're at Platinum old boy.

Unlike any old strip club you may have stumbled into, Platinum is an awfully civilised place where our stunning girls will undo your starched collar, pour you a whisky sour and light that cigar... outside of course.

Open to the discerning gentleman from Monday to Friday, Platinum’s gorgeous dancers offer a discreet getaway from the stresses of the City, a break in the monotony of work and domestic life, and a slice of excitement that can become, well, rather addictive.

So be a good chap and come visit why don't you?